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Despite a myriad of employment and partnering choices available to technology professionals in the industry today, SSG continues to grow and retain our pool of Information Technology Professionals with impressive consistency.

We've built a reputation in the industry as a consultant-centric leader that recognizes and rewards "over-achieving" consulting professionals, and offers excellent opportunities for multiple projects potential across many industries and vertical markets.

We also offer flexible working relationships; in addition to full-time employees, we also work with senior-level independent consultants, which further enhances the level of seniority and quality we can offer to our clients.

Many of our senior professionals are former full-time corporate employees who have chosen a consultant career path. They enjoy the project challenges that our strategic client relationships engagements offer. SSG is proud to consistently play a major role in initiatives that are often the highest-impact and most strategic to our clients' value chain.

Some additional reasons top professionals join SSG:

  • Long and solid track record in the industry
  • Deep, solid relationships with clients and strategic partners
  • Uniquely structured sales, resource management and recruitment model
  • Long-term contract opportunities are available
  • Prestigious clients with high-visibility projects
  • Visa sponsorship options
    o Advanced and well-defined Immigration Department
  • Coverage in all types of clients, industries, vertical markets to help enhance your resume
  • Advanced pre-screening process ensures consultants, clients and projects are a good technical and cultural fit for all involved!
When consultants work in a great organization with an impressive presence in the industry like SSG, it's not surprising when they invite many of their top contacts and friends to join the team.